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"Classic & Sports Car" January 2006 - cover"Classic & Sports Car" January 2006 - spread

Hi Alexey, <...> We're very happy to have our first Russian artist
 in Classic & Sports Car. Have a great weekend. Keep in touch.
 Mick Walsh
 Editor in chief Classic & Sports Car

Dear Mick, It was indeed a pleasure to receive your message,
 and thank you very much for your kind compliments.
 Of course I will be delighted to publish my paintings
 in your magazine, and will take it as a honour.
 As to your questionnary, I would prefer to communicate
 via email, as to my regret my English is less than basic
 (actually my friend is writing my messages for me), sorry for that.
 I am looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes

Dear Alexey, Thanks for your email. We love your paintings and would love to feature
 them in Classic & Sports Car's art section. <...> I'll ring for a chat, or if you
 prefer we'll send a selection of questions for you to answer. I look forward to
 hearing from you and to featuring our first Russian artist in Classic & Sports Car. Best wishes

Hi Alexey,
 Just a few simple questions.
 1) Where and when were you born?
 2) What car do you drive? 
 3) Do you have a dream classic car? Best wishes

Hi Mick,
 Answering your questions:
 1) I was born in Moscow, on 11th May 1964 in the family of chemistry students. 
    Before entering secondary school I used to live at my grandmother's in Samara 
    city on the  Volga river. Impressions of those times are still the source of my ispirations.
 2) I drive Lada Sputnik (Russian VAZ-2108).
 3) I think that my dream car might be Moskvitch-408 with 4 front lights.
    It's a very elegant car. It was first represented in Europe at London automobile exhibition
    in 1964 or 1965. My father had it, and besides it was launched exactly the year I was born.
    If you are interested, I can find its photo and basic specs which might be of interest to your readers. Best wishes,